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Take your business to the next level in 2017


Take your business to the next level in 2017

With a new year comes a new opportunity.

If you're like most of the entrepreneurs I work with, you have resolved to make 2017 the year that you simply kick ass in your business.

However, when it gets down to the nitty gritty of exactly how you're going to crush it in 2017... that's where things get a little 😬

Fact of the matter: There are an insane amount of unknowns in business, and you can't plan for them all.

But through the hundreds of strategy sessions and coaching calls I've done with entrepreneurs over the years, I've realized that most people struggle with same few questions... and that these can be answered with some pretty simple solutions.


Questions That (almost) Everyone Asks

How do I stand out in a crowded internet marketplace when there is so much competition?

Am I even qualified to call myself an expert? Why would anyone listen to me?

How do I build a brand as a shy person who feels awkward putting myself out there?

I've heard I'm supposed to be building a 'tribe'... but where are these people and how do I find them?

How could I possibly start an online business if I have zero list and no one following me?

What kind of content I should be putting out there to get people to notice me?

What's the right balance to share of my personal versus professional life?

What happens if I put a lot of energy into making content or products and all I hear are crickets?

Good news—figuring all this out doesn't have to be complicated.


It just takes getting real with yourself & others.


It just takes getting real with yourself & others.

There's only one real path to branding success.

And it's being the real you in everything you do.

(Easier said than done, obviously.)

When I started to put myself out there online for the first time, it felt... well, pretty freakin' painful actually.

Talking into my phone was awkward. I didn't know what kind of content I wanted to create or for whom.

I'd never made a video in my life. Who was I to try to ask other people to spend their precious time watching me?

I had this concept of what 'perfect content' looked like... and I was so not making it.

I almost quit before anyone could see me make a fool of myself.

But then...

Before I knew it, things started to snowball.

I was a marketing strategist after all... so I put my thinking cap on and started working on a formula to get my name out there.

I worked out a few simple strategies and started to execute them.

Fast forward a few months. I started getting requests to be featured on podcasts. I was interviewed for New York Times bestselling books.

I was even written up in Forbes (three times!), including being named one of their Top 17 Business Gurus to Follow on Snapchat.

Not only did all this attention bolster the success of my marketing strategy business...

It also allowed me to launch my Location Independence Mastermind to a community of paying customers.

All in a space of less than a year. All without sending out a single pitch. All from my home office in Thailand.

That, my friend, is the power of a personal branding strategy that puts video front and center.


Putting yourself out there can pay real dividends.


Putting yourself out there can pay real dividends.

Video allowed me to fast-track my audience building.

And building an audience is what allowed me to grow a profitable business.

It's not rocket science. It's more like people science.

The truth is, people are pretty predictable. My years as a social media marketer, observing communication and purchasing behavior, taught me the psychology of persuasion and sales that unites humans from all corners of the world.

My experience building my own personal brand helped me discover insights into my own psychology—all those personal blocks and insecurities that were the real reasons I was hiding my true self online.

And ultimately, you can break down most of what I accomplished—from shifting my mindset to building a tribe—down to simple formulas that anyone can use to build their own brand.

Introducing my secret recipe for building a personal brand with video

Available January 3 in my new mini-course

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A Quick & Easy Blueprint To launching your video presence

This course includes:

• An overview of 2017's most effective platforms for building your personal brand via video

• Specific recommendations of which networks might offer your business the most bang for your buck

• The exact content blueprint that I used to go from wallflower to Forbes-featured Top Business Guru in less than one year

• A deep look inside my social media strategy and how I built my following so quickly

• A guided look through the exact methods that I use to prepare to get visible on video & appear confident on camera

• A never-before-seen library of past Snapchat videos to guide you through my storytelling process

What you receive:

• Approximately two hours of video modules explaining everything from the basics of personal branding to detailed instructions about how to approach your video content

• A detailed handbook of course information for later reference

• Personal worksheets with prompts and exercises to help you apply the material you are learning immediately

• A specific content formula that you can apply to your content and reuse as your situation, products, and circumstances change

• A sample content calendar that you can use to plan your content and create consistency in your online presence in 2017

• A detailed plan about exactly what types of videos & content you will create throughout the coming year



{ My 1:1 clients have already made tens of thousands of dollars from these exact blueprints }


Still not convinced?

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